“the audience went wild with with applause and standing ovation”
Fred Volkmer, Southampton Press

“ as a duo they communicate easily with an audience, telling fantastic stories with music that literally takes one’s breath away”
John Ashton, president of Fairmont Chamber Music Society

“Their performance was of Carnegie Hall Caliber”
Ed Wiater, Am-Pol Eagle

“Two sisters of immense talent, …Their brilliant performance drew a standing ovation.”
Helen Pierce, Polish World, Detroit

“A superbly talented young pianist”
David Mulbery, DMA, FAGO University of Cincinnati

“... Anna Karkowska, one of the most superb young violinists, offered the audience virtuoso pieces with the virtuoso accompaniment of her sister (Kasha)”
Wojciech Wierzewski, Union Journal, Chicago

“True virtuoso performers ”
Betty C. Hamilton Fine Arts Association of Southeastern Kentucky

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